Dance festivals

We love taking part in dance festivals! They give students the chance to build on their classwork and learn new routines – solos, duets, trios/quartets, and groups.

Taking part in festivals is completely your choice – festivals are not a compulsory part of Weymouth Dance Studio (but they are great fun!).

Team spirit

Although festivals are competitive, there’s a great team spirit. We always support each other and celebrate everyone’s performances.

Festival classes for groups

Festivals are really fun, but they are hard work! Being part of a festival group is a commitment, as they are choreographed with the group members in mind. We have weekly festival rehearsal classes.

Private lessons

For solos, duet and trios/quartets, you’ll need to have private lessons, to work on choreography, learning the routine, and then polishing it, ready to perform!

  • Choreography private lessons cost £15 for 30 minutes.
  • Rehearsal private lessons cost £12 for 30 minutes.

Don’t forget that you’ll need to choose music (this can be done with your teacher if you need help or advice), costumes and make-up.

Which festivals do we go to?

Students who have been awarded a qualifying mark at a qualifying festival can go on to compete at the All England Dance Regional Finals (a biannual event). The performances judged the best at Regionals are rewarded with qualification for the All England Dance National Finals.

2019 was an All England year – take a look at how our students got on!

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