Taking, Storing and Using Images of Students Policy


This Policy is intended to provide information to students and their parents, carers or guardians (referred to in this policy as “parents”) and any external visitor about how images of students are normally used by Weymouth Dance Studio (“WDS”). It also covers the WDS approach to the use of cameras and filming equipment at WDS events and on WDS premises by parents and students themselves, and the media.

The main legislation in this area is the Data Protection Act 2018. Relevant guidance which has informed this Policy includes:

It applies in addition to more general information about use of students’ personal data, contained in the WDS Privacy Policy.

General points to be aware of:

  • Certain uses of images are necessary for the ordinary running of WDS; other uses are in the legitimate interests of WDS and its community and unlikely to cause any negative impact on children. WDS is entitled lawfully to process such images and take decisions about how to use them, subject to any reasonable objections raised.
  • Parents are invited to indicate agreement to WDS using images of him/her as set out in this policy. If additional consent is required for a specific image parents and/or the student will be approached to sign a consent form for that image. However, parents should be aware of the fact that certain uses of their child’s images may be necessary or unavoidable (for example if they are included incidentally a photograph).
  • We hope parents will feel able to support WDS in using student images to celebrate the achievements of students, and to promote the work of WDS.
  • Any parent who wishes to limit the use of images of a student for whom they are responsible should contact June Hornby in writing. WDS will respect the wishes of parents (and indeed students themselves) wherever reasonably possible, and in accordance with this policy.
  • Parents should be aware that, from around the age of 13 and upwards, the law recognises students’ own rights to have a say in how their personal information is used – including images.

Use of student images in school publications

  • Unless the relevant student or his or her parent has requested otherwise, WDS will use images of its students to keep the WDS community updated on the activities of WDS, and for marketing and promotional purposes, including:
    • on internal displays on noticeboards within WDS;
    • in communications with the WDS community (parents, students, staff and alumni) including by email and by post;
    • on the WDS website and, where appropriate, via the WDS social media channels, eg Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. (Such images would not normally be accompanied by the student’s full name without permission); and
    • in WDS’s printed marketing materials, in online, press and other external marketing for WDS. Such external advertising would not normally include student’s names (and in some circumstances WDS will seek the parent or student’s specific consent, depending on the nature of the image or the use). 
  • the images will predominantly be taken by WDS staff (who are subject to rules in how and when to take such images), or a professional photographer used for marketing and promotional purposes, or occasionally students. WDS will only use images of students in appropriate clothing and the images will be stored securely and centrally.

Use of students images in the media

  • Where practicably possible, WDS will always notify parents in advance when the media is expected to attend an event or WDS activity in which WDS students are participating, and will make every reasonable effort to ensure that any student whose parent or carer has refused permission for images of that student, or themselves, to be made in these circumstances are not photographed or filmed by the media, nor such images provided for media purposes.
  • The media often asks for the names of the relevant students to go alongside the images, and these will only be provided where parents have been informed about the media’s visit and either parent or student has consented as appropriate.

Security of student images

  • WDS takes appropriate technical and organisational security measures to ensure that images of students held by WDS are kept securely, and protected from loss or misuse. WDS will take reasonable steps to ensure that members of staff only have access to images of students held by WDS where it is necessary for them to do so.

Use of cameras and filming equipments (including mobile phones) by parents or visitors

  • Parents are not permitted to take photographs of, or film, their children dancing at WDS.
  • Parents are asked not to take photographs of other students, except incidentally as part of a group shot, without the prior agreement of that student (13+) or the student’s parents.
  • WDS reserves the right to refuse or withdraw permission to film or take photographs (at a specific event or more generally), from any parent who does not follow these guidelines, or is otherwise reasonably felt to be making inappropriate images.

Use of cameras and filming equipments by students

  • All students are encouraged to look after each other, and to report any concerns about the misuse of technology, or any worrying issues to a member of staff.
  • The use of cameras or filming equipment (including on mobile phones) is not allowed in toilets, washing or changing areas, nor should photography or filming equipment be used by students in a manner that may offend or cause upset.
  • The misuse of images, cameras or filming equipment is always taken seriously, and may be the subject of disciplinary procedures or dealt with under the relevant safeguarding policy as appropriate.
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