Things to remember as we return to class

Terms starts tomorrow, and we can’t wait to welcome students back to classes, albeit with some changes in line with the latest COVID regulations:

  • Parents will not be able to watch classes as we need to maintain as much social distancing as possible. 
  • Please could the students aged over 11 wear masks to arrive and leave the studio, but not during class. 
  • Please could everyone wear outdoor shoes to arrive (but that are easy to take off) and be dressed ready for class as there will be no changing facilities. 
  • Bring a bottle of water as the water machine may not be used, plus some tissues. 
  • Have a box to put shoes, bottle and tissues in to keep them all together. 
  • Classes will all be 45 minutes long to give us time to clean in-between.
  • Please make sure your child arrives in laundered dance kit.
  • Could all little ones who are unable to tie shoelaces please have elastic threaded through so they can pull them on.

See you in class!

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